Saturday, April 20, 2013

Three Days to Go!

 Ta Da!
Here it is. I told you it would be here soon. The mailwoman delivered it right to my door this morning. The birthday box from my daughter. The one I told you about yesterday. The one that always has a great assortment of goodies in it. The one I usually open two or three days before my birthday.
Guess what? It's been eleven hours and I haven’t opened it yet. Are you surprised?
Me, too!
Oh, I gave it a good shaking, but nothing rattled. Disappointing!
My daughter e-mailed me this evening to see if I’d received it. When I told her I had but hadn’t opened it yet, she said, "I'm impressed."
I said, "With three days to go, I'm not sure I can wait. My self-control will only stretch so far.” 
She said, “You can do it.”

We’ll see.



Jim said...

Sure you can do it Peggy. Show us all that willpower you have.

Anonymous said...

SHe'd never know if you opened it. Go ahead. Haha!

luella said...

You can do it. Just put it our of your sight. Forget about it. Cute post!

Sarah said...

Go ahead and open it. It's only a couple of days. Celebrate!!!!