Friday, January 4, 2013

Another Alien Surprise

It’s already the fourth day of a brand new year. 2013. I’m still wondering what happened to 2012. Are you?

I’m getting older. The older one gets, the faster time goes. I think it’s the law!

Things keep changing. But one thing stays the same: Each year, when Mr. H. and I dismantle our Christmas tree, we find an ornament we didn’t hang on it when we put it up. We call it, The Alien Ornament.

For several years, it was a mystery. We never knew for sure how it got there. Asking all our children what they knew about it didn’t help. Nobody knew anything. But after acquiring six or seven new ornaments – beautiful ones, I might add – we’ve finally pinpointed the culprits who like to play this little trick on us. Perhaps it’s their way of putting a little excitement into the lives of two aging people; lives which they seem to think have become a little stale. (Little do they know what goes on when they’re not around!)

This year, they thought they were particularly clever. The ornament they blessed us with was a bird. Everyone in the family is aware of my lifelong bird phobia and they find it great fun to play bird pranks on me. When my children were teenagers, I woke up one morning to what looked like a dead bird lying on my pillow. Turned out to be a stuffed one, but I almost broke my neck jumping out of bed as fast as I could while my blood-curdling scream got the attention of several neighbors.

I didn’t even ask who was responsible. They were all punished! It didn’t happen again, but I often found bird feathers in places where they couldn’t be missed and nobody ever knew how they got there!

And so it goes.

This year, as we stripped the tree of its decorations, there it was – a beautiful silver bird sitting on one of the branches. It appeared to be looking right at me! For just a few seconds, my heart beat a little faster, but then common sense took over; I bravely removed the bird, held it in my hand and showed it to Mr. H, “There it is,” I said. “The 2012 Alien Ornament!”

Laughing, we wrapped it carefully and put it away with the rest of the decorations, knowing we’d retrieve it next year and place it on the tree with the other ornaments – both alien and otherwise.

I guess our kids are onto something after all. It doesn’t take a lot to make old folks happy, does it?

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Jenny said...

This is cute Peggy. I'm sure it's a surprise you have started looking forward to every year. Nice of your kids to do it.

Anonymous said...

Unique! I like it. Some people think of the nicest things to do for others. You are lucky to have children like them.

Jon said...

Nice one peg. Thanx for sharing it. Jon

Claire Swenson said...

I love that idea. I love too that you have people in your lives who treat you with such care.

Peggy~ said...

Thanks, Claire! They are very special people, that's for sure... just like you! ♥

sam said...

i've read all your alien ornament stories peg. very good posts. sam

Judy Lentine Larson said...

What a loving story Peggy. Can't wait to hear of your next alien ornament.

Patti Olsson said...

Very lovely , Peggy!!!!