Friday, January 6, 2012

Alien Number Five

Some of you may remember a story I wrote last year about finding an odd ornament on my tree after Christmas for four years in a row. If not, you can check it out here: Aliens On My Tree if you like.

Well, this is year number five and I wasn’t quite sure it would happen again. I just figured that whoever is doing it would tire of the routine at some point and stop. But I was wrong. When my husband started taking the tree down, I was in another room and heard a little chuckle. “What is it?” I asked. He said, “Here it is!” and handed me the alien ornament that had been secretly placed on the tree for the fifth straight year. We had a good laugh and then I checked it out.

What can I say?  It’s different.  A reindeer.  With a plaid body. I suppose it’s supposed to be wearing a coat or sweater and there’s a red scarf wrapped around its neck, blowing in the wind. It has small twigs for legs and even smaller ones for antlers. To top it off, there’s a tiny pine cone for a tail! Really cute!

I don’t know who’s pulling this yearly prank (though I have an idea), but I do hope he’s getting as much joy out of doing it as we are being on the receiving end. It gives us one more surprise to look forward to when the delights of the season have almost come to an end.

It seems some people have a knack for doing little things that make others happy. What a wonderful talent!

We’re so grateful to have this person, or persons, in our family!

See the 2012 here. The 2013 ornament here.


rose said...

Such a cute idea someone in your family has... I love this little reindeer. nice post peg. keep em coming. rose

sam said...

I was waiting for this one peg. I knew you'd be writing about a new one. very good. sam

Anonymous said...

Cute peg. you must have a happy family.

luella said...

Whoever is doing this sure pics out cute ornsments. this one is adorable. luella said...

Welcome back peggy. We've missed you. nice post about your alien ornament. charlie

Drema said...

You have a wonderful gift to look forward to each year. That is just precious.