Friday, September 7, 2012

The Changing Of The Guard

As days turn into weeks; weeks, months; and months, years, most of us marvel at how fast time passes. We go from carefree children, to teen-agers, young adults, parents, and middle-aged grandparents so quickly that one day, we find ourselves wondering how we came to be in the autumn of our years so soon. Suddenly, younger folks are opening doors for us and calling us Ma’am or Sir. I often think, I didn’t even see it coming!

This quote expresses my feelings best: I was wrong to grow older. Pity. I was so happy as a child. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I was talking to a friend this morning whose dog, a faithful companion for twelve years, had just been taken from her. We were bemoaning the fact that loss is so painful, when she said, “That’s the worst thing about getting old; you have to see so many things and people die!”

A profound statement, but true.

Everyone seems fond of saying, “I’m a work in progress.” It’s true. We all are.
Actually, we're in training. Everything we do, everything that occurs in our lives, happens for a reason. We cannot move to a higher level in life without taking a test. The things we go through from childhood to adulthood – the mishaps, hurts, disappointments, successes and failures – all of them prepare us for a test. If we learn anything at all during these training years, then we will handle the later years more gracefully and hopefully, without as much pain. And each test will become easier to bear.

Not only that, but having come through several tests ourselves and moved up a few levels, we will be able to help others cram for their tests. Our experience is invaluable to younger ones who are still struggling with the heartaches and disappointments that life throws at them.

It’s so interesting – watching the changing of the guard, so to speak – the old generation moving on and the next one taking over where they left off.

On this sunny September day, growing older doesn’t seem so bad when you put it into perspective, does it?

It’s still about living one day at a time; savoring every season of your life and helping others do the same.


Janet said...

I feel you easing into fall peg. Your writing becomes so wistful and meaningful in the fall. Love it! Janet

sam said...

jamet is right peg. your fall writing has started... sam

Dana said...

Lovely sentiment. Good post!

Rusty Bailey said...

So true Peggy.

Jack Smith said...

I hope the young see it and do it.. Jack Smith

Yvonne said...

Great post! This time of year always makes me long for my childhood, for my younger, carefree years...

Peggy~ said...

Me, too, Yvonne. Fall brings back my best memories. I love it! Thanks for commenting.