Saturday, July 21, 2012

What Is All This Mess?

One of the many things I inherited when my mother passed away was a beautiful mirrored tray. While admiring it one day, I decided to place it on my dressing table and set some of my most often used cosmetic items on it, thereby, displaying its beauty as well as its usefulness.

Humming a happy tune, I carefully wiped off each bottle and arranged them on the tray in a manner I considered pleasing to the eye. There were several bottles and jars of creams and lotions that I use every day, a small jar of cotton pads, and my favorite cologne. When I had finished, I stood back and admired my new display, feeling it was an attractive addition to the room. And practical.

A few days later, my young grandson – five or six at the time – came to visit. He walked into my bedroom, surveyed the dressing table, O-ed his mouth in surprise and said, “Oh, Maw-Maw! What is all this mess?”

Shocked, I said, “What mess?” He pointed to my tray and said, “All this stuff. You need to clean this up!”

There was no convincing him that this “stuff” was an attractive display on a beautiful tray that belonged to his great-grandmother. He insisted it was a mess!

After he went home, I thought about his reaction. How odd for one so young to be that affected by what he sees as messy. Oh, well, he’ll change when he gets a little older, I decided.

But guess what? He’s 17 now and, if anything, it’s worse! He’s happiest when everything around him is neat and clean. Germ-free, if possible!

I can’t wait to meet the girl he chooses to marry one day.


Anonymous said...

He won't get married. No girl would put up with that. Sorry.

jen said...

Cute post peg. Maybe he'll find someone just like him and they'll live happily ever after. Jen

Pat said...

Marriage is overrated anyway.

Zack said...

Don't count on him finding anyone who will please him Peggy. Sounds like a perfectionist and a germophobe.

Gerri said...

Very nice post peg. at 17 he's not likely to change now. but you love him anyway, right?

sam said...

good one as always peg. sam

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Chase. I guess he never looked at the underside of a train.


Peggy~ said...

Guess not. I'll have to remind him to do that. Thanks!