Monday, May 28, 2012

Who Wants Ice Cream?

It was a balmy 89º this evening when my husband and I left to run an errand.

It’s odd how something as simple as a soft, warm breeze can trigger memories you thought were gone forever. As we got into the car, I had a sudden flash-back of long-ago summer evenings just like this one. When our children were young, they’d be outside after dinner taking advantage of the last remnants of daylight and we’d decide to surprise them.

“Who wants ice cream?” one of us would ask as we stepped outside. “I do! I do!” was the lively reply we heard several times... along with some hand clapping and jumping up and down. So we’d all pile in the station wagon we had at the time and head for the nearest ice cream shoppe.

How they loved this simple pleasure! They’d be as dirty as little piglets from playing outside all day, and by the time their ice cream melted and ran down to their elbows, it was definitely time to march them straight to the bath tub the minute we got home! Sometimes there’d be a board game or story before bed, but they were tired, happy kids ready for a night of battery recharging before waking to another busy day.

It was so easy keeping kids happy in those days – even without I-pads, I-phones, or computers. Looking back, it’s hard to believe how contented children were who had less to entertain them.

They had to entertain themselves. What a unique concept! And they managed it beautifully. I used to think it amusing that my children hated going to school, yet, during summer vacation, “playing school” seemed to be great fun.

Our neighborhood was loaded with kids. They gathered in the evenings and played outside games for hours. When it was almost dark, porch lights began to dot the neighborhood, signaling the kids that it was time to go home. It was a memorable time for our children! I love hearing them reminisce about the summers of their childhood when they get together.

I wonder what today’s children will reminisce about when they’re older.

Somehow I doubt that it will have anything to do with getting ice cream cones on summer evenings – or going home when the porch light comes on.


Anonymous said...

Great story! Those were the good old days weren't they?

Sarah said...

Very nice post. Todays kids wouldn't know what to do with themselves without computers. Sad. the kids of yesteryear had a lot more fun. Sarah

Jon said...

Gives you a lot to think about doesn't it? good post peggy. Jon

Jim said...

Oh yes! Those really were the good old days. If only it was possible to wish them back again. Nothing is as good today. Electronics leave me cold compared to taking a long walk or going to the movies.
Today's kids will never realize what they missed. Thanks for a peek into the past peggy. Jim

Janet said...

Love this peg. Brings back a lot of memories for me to. Janet

sam said...

just like all of your posts peg...enjoyable. sam

Mel said...

What a great post that took me right back to being the kids with the porch light! Your concerns mirror mine for my kids now - will they be able to enjoy those simple pleasures?

Lady Goo Goo Gaga said...

Nice memories - Ice cream still plays a major role in my kid's summers!!!