Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Who Are You?

Does anyone like dealing with the DMV? 

Most of us have heard so many horror stories about how rude they are that it puts fear in our hearts and minds every time we have to go there.

As you know, every five years, during our birthday month, we have to get our driver’s license renewed. In order to get it, we must have a long list of official documents: One to verify that we were born, another to prove who we used to be, yet another to certify who we became along the way and most important, a current document or documents to confirm who we are today! Wouldn’t you think that handing them the driver’s license you got just five years ago with your picture on it would be enough to prove you’re still that person? ‘Fraid not!

Hubby and I spent two hours this afternoon getting this little chore done for me. For weeks, we’ve read and re-read the application they sent in the mail and gathered up everything we thought I’d need to accomplish the task without any hang-ups. I had my birth certificate, old driver’s license, voter’s registration card, social security card, and a tax receipt. Was that enough? Absolutely not! Because my birth certificate had my maiden name on it, and my current SS card had my married name, I needed my marriage license – a certified one! Good grief! And if you’re divorced, which I'm not, you have to have your divorce papers, too! What a hassle just to get a driver’s license!

And so... our plans nipped in the bud, we stood outside the DMV office trying to decide what to do. We weren’t sure we even had the certified marriage certificate, but in some secluded corner of my mind, there lived a vague memory of having acquired one at some point. Since I had some shopping to do in a store close by, my sweet husband suggested that he go home (15 miles) and get the certificate while I do my shopping. He’d rush back with it and we’d finish what we started. Today. Sounded like a plan!

I told him where to look and, in about thirty minutes, my cell phone rang. He said, “I’ve got it!” We were so happy. Otherwise, we would have had to go through a lot of red tape – and waiting – to get a marriage certificate sent from Indiana where we were married.

By the time he got back, I had my shopping done and we returned to the DMV. My big worry this time was that I’d have to take the eye exam again. I had passed it the first time, but it was – shall I say – shaky. I almost shouted when the lady said I didn’t have to re-take it and we hurried back to the same window as before. Everything was concluded in just a few minutes. I posed for the picture that always looks a little like a mug shot and the dreaded deed was done for another five years! All in all, it wasn’t that bad. Could have been worse.

I could have failed the eye exam!  (Easily)


Jim said...

Yes I think most of us hate doing business with the DMV peggy. but it sounds like you did alright. Nice blog. Jim

Anonymous said...

you had it easy. only one thing to get. it takes some people weeks to get everything together. good descriptions though. it's tough.

Diane said...

I had a terrible time and they are rude! I hate dealing with them. Thanks for telling it like it is peg. D

Jimbob said...

It's like a nightmare to have to go to the DMV for anything. Nobody likes it. everyone has problems. Its like purgatory! Jimbob