Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It Has To Come Naturally

April, my birth month, seems to come around faster every year.

Yep, when this month is over, I’ll be a year older. I don’t feel as old as I am, but spending a lot of time with the younger generation, as I do, can certainly make one start to feel her age. Sometimes, when I try coaxing my grandchildren into sharing some of the events of their lives concerning friends and school, they act as though I couldn’t possibly understand. I often say, “Believe it or not, I was young once, too.” This usually brings a dubious chuckle.

Time passes so fast, it makes me dizzy.

Why didn’t it pass this quickly when I was a child? A day in school was l – o – n – g! A week was endless, and a year - infinite! From one Christmas to the next seemed to take forever, but now, we may as well leave the decorations out because we no sooner put them away until it’s time to take them out again.

Just think. We’re already into the second quarter of our “new year!" We’ve  paid our income taxes – or received a refund – and we’re on our way to the next holiday.

I think it’s interesting the way we tend to measure time by the holidays. Now that the Easter candy and stuffed bunnies are off the shelves at the stores, there will soon be, if not already... oodles of flower arrangements for Memorial Day, the next holiday, at the end of May.

And, for my family in particular, June brings a flood of special occasions: we have five birthdays and Father’s Day! It seems the whole month is one of celebration... and gone before we know it. Immediately after, we have a big splash for the Fourth of July and mid-summer is in full swing! The hustle and bustle of summer activities makes me tired! It seems to me that everyone works so hard forcing themselves to “have fun.” It wears me out just watching. Forced fun doesn’t do a thing for me! It has to come naturally.

I guess that’s why I live for the fall and winter months. It’s a restful time. As much as I used to resent it, I’m beginning to think my mother was right when she told me I was born lazy! What could be nicer than curling up with a good book on a snowy winter afternoon?

With the first quarter of the year already gone, I’d be wishing for the other three to pass as quickly as it did – except for one thing:

It would only put me closer to my next birthday!


Jim said...

I've been expecing something like this from you peg. Its not even summer yet and you want fall and winter. you have a while to go but keep writing.I love reading your ponderings. JIm

Hannah said...

When is your birthday peg? I hope it's happy. Good post. Hannah

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I like the way you think.

Drema said...

Love your pondering, life just seems to fly by now that the I'm older, but I will have to say my older years have been better to me than my younger days. To most people that would be hard to understand, but I have greater appreciation for life now. Thanks to God.