Friday, May 27, 2011

Yes or No?

Recently, while looking through some of my mother's belongings, I ran across this poem. It's dated 1940, so it is quite old. Therefore, you may find some of its suggestions amusing and not at all appropriate for today. Still, I found it interesting and entertaining. Perhaps you will, too.

Dirndl: Traditional Women's Clothes from Germany and Austria

 Lines To A Daughter

One of the things you really should know
Is when to say “yes” and when to say “no.”
There aren’t any textbooks, there aren’t any rules,
The subject’s neglected in orthodox schools.

You can’t be consistent; there’s often a reason
For changing your mind with a change in the season.
You may be quite right in accepting at seven
Suggestions you’d better refuse at eleven.

Perhaps you’ll consider these tentative hints:
“No” to a dirndl of highly glazed chintz,
“Yes” to the bashful young man at the dance,
“No” to the man who’s been living in France.

“Yes” to a walk in the park in the rain
“Yes” if he asks for a chance to explain.
“No” to all slacks unless you’re too thin,
“No” to that impulse to telephone him.

“Yes” to a baby and “No” to a bore
“No” if you’re asked if you’ve heard it before.
“Yes” to a Saturday, “No” to a Monday
“Yes” to a salad and “No” to a sundae.

“Yes” to a stranger (but use some discretion)
“No” to three cocktails in rapid succession
“No” if he’s misunderstood by his wife
“Yes” if you want it the rest of your life.

Remember, my darling, careers and caresses
Depend on our choices of “No’s” and “Yes’s!"

                                           ~Agnes Rogers


sandi said...

I like this peg. I hope you have more things like this that your mother kept. I love old things.

Anonymous said...

Cute. Times have certainly changed haven't they?

sam said...

Nice piece of history peg. glad you found it and shared it. sam

S VM said...

Some of particulars have varied with time, but as the old saying goes: "The more things change, the more they stay the same."