Saturday, August 12, 2017

London Locks

Tonight I dreamed of London Locks, churning
waters within, of sloping green banks enhancing
the spot,
where I whiled away hours with my best friend.

Like barefoot waifs, we wandered about
with nary a care to convey;
our summer fun came easy. We strolled,
We sang. We played.

Calliope’s tune, full August moon, ferris wheel
whirling at night, pink cotton candy so sticky          
and sweet,
what memorable delights!                               

Dreams are cruel, one must awake – tears
staining the face; ‘twas only a vision, I sadly
of another time--another place.

©2017 - peggy toney Horton


Gina Lind said...

Peggy, this is beautiful. Must be a wonderful memory for you! Good stuff!

Linda said...

I love this. Such emotion!

Maria Y. said...

Beautiful poem.. nice pictures.

Steven Jones said...

Beautiful poem, but I feel your sadness. well written.

Anonymous said...

Lovely writing! I read it over and over again. In fact, I think I have it committed to memory.