Sunday, May 29, 2016

Will it Always Be This Way?

       Of these cold and rainy May days, I’ve grown weary; though
      I shout the words out loud, seems no one hears me?
I’m sure God made the sun – to make our days a lot more fun,
yet they're so dreary!
Expecting sunshine, I arise – none finds its way into my eyes,
I’m disappointed.
To entertain myself, I try - tiresome season, go on by,
I shall ignore you.
I scale a mountain high and wide and look upon the other side –
it is no greener.
Am l to always feel this bad - or will a new day make me glad;
will there be sunbeams?
Will it always be this dour? Or can it change within the hour –
from sad to joyful?
And then, upon a gentle wind the answers come ‘a floating in
ah, sweet surprises!
A sudden floral smell delights, and things begin to feel alright
the birds are singing..
Their days are short and mine are long - how lovely they fill theirs with song while I’m complaining.
©2016 Peggy Toney Horton~


Audria Thomason said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift of words! What a blessing!

Cindy Brogan Cavender said...

Such a great writer Peggy !! Beautiful !

Claire Swenson said...

So beautiful Peggy! said...

Do you ever run out of words or ideas Peggy? Just when I think there can be no more, you come out with something wonderful. What a talent!

Linda said...