Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Happy Celebration

There’s no doubt about it – some days are better than others.
More fun.
For Mr. H. and me, yesterday was one of those days.
It wasn’t anything earth-shattering that made it more fun - just a simple change in our usual routine. Sometimes that’s all it takes. But this change was special!
We went to an open house for a “young” lady who was celebrating her 95th birthday. I say young because she’s the youngest nonagenarian I’ve ever known. Well, actually, I haven’t known that many but this one definitely seems more like 75 than 95. Mr. H. agrees.
After welcoming us with a big smile and a warm hug, she happily told us a little about her daily life. Although she gets around in a power chair of some sort, she lives alone and manages very well. Still, some of her children come by to check on her every day.
The house was inviting. Everything was brightly decorated befitting the season with red and white poinsettias; and a lovely, tasty cake decorated in red was served on red plates.
We didn’t stay too long because there was a steady stream of well-wishers who wanted to spend time with her. She is loved by many and it’s easy to see why.
But we were grateful we didn’t leave before the birthday girl took out her harmonica and entertained us all with a lovely song. She plays very well, I might add.
It was a wonderfully happy occasion and she seemed to enjoy it thoroughly.
She must have been an amazing mother to have such devoted children who are now returning the love and attention she gave them many years ago when she worked hard to give them a good upbringing.
She is the perfect example of reaping what you sow.
When we said our good-byes, Mr. H. said, “We’ll be back in five years to celebrate your 100th.”
She first nodded in agreement, then laughed and said, “I’d better not say that. I might not be here.”
But we all know it’s very likely she will be.
(I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord. Psalm 118:17) 


Susan said...

Very sweet. It's not often we meet someone like your 95 yr. old friend. We're lucky when we do. Good post Peggy.

Janet said...

Wonderful story!

Jon said...

Great post Peg!!

Drema said...

Thank you so very much Prggy and Mr. H for coming. She was so happy that so many of our church stopped by. Yes she worked hard to give five children a home, food, and clothes and to make sure we stayed in school. We are proud to call her mom. And yes we all do the best for her we can. She is still an independent person.