Thursday, August 1, 2013

August First

August 1st.
The first day of the eighth month of the year 2013.
A new beginning.
Life seems to be made up of new beginnings, doesn’t it?
New Year’s Day, your birthday, first day of school (elementary, middle, high school and college), graduation, wedding day, divorce, retirement – and finally – retirement community. All new beginnings you might say.
I always breathe a sigh of relief when a month like the one just past is over. I look forward to another new beginning. In the southeastern part of the US where I live, the month of July can be described with one word.
I’m sure many of you had ideal weather during the seventh month of the year, but we had rain and dreary days for the bulk of July. And we had frightening storms that uprooted trees and caused flooding in some areas. It was not a pleasant mid-summer. My daughter and her family love boating. She summed it up this way: “It was not a good summer for boating!”
The second thing I, personally, will remember about this July is the number of sicknesses among our family and friends. And it hasn’t stopped yet! These haven’t been minor illnesses either. There were three serious surgeries! One heart-related, another, an intestinal problem and yet another, even more serious, involves cancer. 
A family member has been ill for months. She rarely gets out of bed and is getting weaker by the day! Every time the phone rings, I fear it’s more bad news.
This is not a good way to live – always in fear.
When 2013 started out badly for me in January and continued until late spring, I said I hoped the year passed quickly because it seemed to me that the number 13 was a bad omen. At least for me.
A friend told me I was wrong – that 13 was just a number. “There is no such thing as an unlucky number,” she said.
I attempted to agree with her and put my feelings aside, but bad things just kept happening.  However, with more than half the year gone now, I’m beginning to feel hopeful. If I can hold on for five more months; 153 days; 3,672 hours; it'll be a new year.


Jan said...

And that 5 months will fly past peggy. cute post.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one. Bring on the next one and may it be better.

Drema said...

I love you Peggy. I hope that the following months bring you joy, peace and happiness.

Peggy~ said...

I love you, too, Drema! Thanks!

Claire Swenson said...

God has the power to reign over anything 13 too Peggy. He's got you.

Peggy~ said...

I know, Claire. Just a little "down." It'll pass. Thanks!