Friday, February 15, 2013

Turks and Caicos Getaway

 Valentine’s Day – a day dedicated to lovers, has come and gone for another year. Most of us enjoyed a nice card, flowers, candy or perhaps dinner at a nice restaurant.

It was a great day but today, I’m thinking about my eldest daughter and her husband. It seems they always find a way to make the most of everything. Each celebration is carried out with the most enthusiasm possible. Nothing is ever done halfway. I suppose that’s why they are two of the happiest people I know.

Their wedding anniversary was January 31st. A milestone. So, instead of planning a trip or celebration then, right on the heels of the holidays, they plotted and planned so as to get the most bang for their buck! Since they both love warm weather, a tropical destination was chosen and reservations made for the two of them; they’d leave their home in North Carolina on Wednesday, February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day. That way, they’d not only have a belated anniversary celebration but also a big, romantic Valentine’s Day on the island of Turks and Caicos, in the Caribbean. Delightful!
I always worry when my family travels, especially in the air. But, fortunately, my fear of flying has not transferred to any of my children or grandchildren. And that’s a good thing! One shouldn’t let fear control his or her life as I sometimes do. Consequently, they’ll enjoy their lives. And I’ll continue to worry. C’est la vie!
I received e-mail from my daughter this morning with a picture attached.
The caption read: View from our room this morning. Beautiful here. So relaxing! Sunny, mid 80's!

Another came later – it read: View of the pool at breakfast.

The next one read:  Lunchtime. Nice view! The big smile says it all, doesn’t it?
 I‘ve never been to the Caribbean. The color of the water struck me as unusually vibrant. I wrote back, “Lovely! Is the water really that blue?”
She answered, “Yes. Turquoise. Gorgeous!"
“I’ll probably never see it except through your eyes," I told her, "so take lots of pictures and make them large.”  She agreed.
A little later, another picture –

Caption:  View from where we ate lunch. (Click on picture to enlarge.)

I’m so happy that these two special people get to enjoy life the way they do.
And it wasn’t handed to them. Neither was born into wealth. Both came from middle-class families. Yet, they and their two children have been prosperous enough to have most everything they want. How? You say. They’ve earned it the old-fashioned way – by hard work!

How proud we are of their accomplishments! And how thankful to God!

Two days later,Toney writes:
"Clouds over the beach this morn. Our flight back to Charlotte is 3:30. It is only in the 30's there!  Brrrr!"
"Last day on Turks and Caicos !! Boo hoo!"
Toney enjoying her last walk on the beach -- until next vacation, of course!
 And there will be one! I wouldn't be surprised if it's already in the planning stages. Perhaps reservations are made. Stay tuned to see where the next destination will be. She can't stay away from white sand and blue water very long. Every so often, a tropical haven beckons -- and "my girl" answers!



Sandy said...

Beautiful pictures. What a lucky girl your daughter is! Keep us posted on the rest of her trip peg.

Jamie said...

Very nice post Peggy. Lovely pics. said...

Wow! Beautiful place, beautiful daughter! And how thoughtful of her to send her mother pictures while on a getaway with her husband. Lucky you to have such a thoughtful family! I enjoyed your post.

Anonymous said...

Unique concept indeed! Not many young people are willing to work hard these days. Nice post.

Carrie said...

This is beautifully written Peggy. You have a talent for making a reader feel things deeply. Keep up the good work. Your daughter is beautiful!

Diane Tarantini said...

Whoooahhh! Lovely daughter. Gorgeous vaca!

Pam Childers said...

It surely is beautiful. Would love to go there sometime, at my age, better be soon. Lol