Tuesday, February 5, 2013

O' Ye Of Little Faith

After my recent surgery, I was weak and a little depressed. I felt deserted by family, friends and God! I prayed, but He didn’t seem to hear me. I felt very alone.
One sleepless night as I lay tossing and turning—feeling sorry for myself—words and phrases started coming to me. In just a few minutes, a whole poem that made me feel good was recorded in my brain. I couldn’t wait to get up and write it down so I wouldn’t forget it. After tweaking it just a little, I shared it with a couple of good friends who gave it a "thumbs up." When I finally let Mr. H. read it, he suggested I share it with everyone.
I’m always a little shy about sharing these things, but Mr. H. is one of my best advisors on my writing, so I usually take his advice.
Here’s the poem:

O’ Ye Of Little Faith
When days were full of dark despair
And no one else could see me through,
I couldn’t find you anywhere;
I needed You! I needed You!
When I cried out in utter pain
And begged You to come rescue me,
The dark clouds only brought more rain;
Torrential as the raging sea.
For days I lingered in this way
Devoid of warmth and love
But then You sent a shining ray
Directly from above!
“O’ ye of little faith,” I heard
In soft familiar tones
“How can you doubt My Loving Word
You never are alone! 
Now rest your weary soul, my dear
And in this state, abide
Lay down your burdens, do not fear
I’m always by your side!”


Nancy said...

How touching this is! Beautiful. God does let us know he's always there if we just pay attention. Great post Peggy.

Pam said...

So beautiful. You shouldn't be shy about sharing a talent like yours. It is God-given!

Anonymous said...

I love it Peggy. So nice.

Claire Swenson said...

You are a beautiful writer dear Peggy. Just the title called my name.

Janet said...

Sounds like these words were directly from God. I hope you're feeling better now Peggy. My prayers are with you.

Drema said...

I am sorry that I didn't call you more or check on you. I use the excuse that my days are full, but I should have called forgive me. The poem is wonderful and can be of help to others. Thank you.