Thursday, March 22, 2012

An Invasion Of Privacy?

Does anyone else feel it’s an invasion of privacy to be asked your year of birth and other personal questions before you can get an online account? It’s not so much that I have anything to hide but... must I tell my life story to the whole wide world? They say, “We won’t reveal your information without your permission.” Yeah, right! Sorry, but I’m not that trusting. Tonight, when I tried to get an account and was given the run-around over and over again because I wouldn’t enter answers to questions I felt were too personal, I left the site saying, “Forget it!”

You might say, “If you have nothing to hide, what are you so worried about?”

And I’d answer, “It's not about having anything to hide, it's about things not being anyone else's business.

I once had an aunt who was independently wealthy. She never had a charge account at a major department store because the credit applications ask for the amount of your income. She said, “It’s nobody’s business, so I’ll just pay cash for what I buy.” And she did!

But I decided to rethink my position. This site provides a service I want. Why should I do without it over such a small thing? I’ll put the information in. It will satisfy them, I’ll get the service I want and everyone will be happy. Right?

It should be no problem for me. After all, I write “creative” non-fiction every day!  


Jimbob said...

give em hell peg! I agree some things they ask are way to personal. somebody should put a stop to it. might as well be you.

Anonymous said...

It's scary how much information is floating around on the internet about people and they think nothing of it.

Janet said...

Good post peggy. This needed to be said. and it needs to be stopped.

Denise said...

If everyone would quit putting their information in it would have to stop. Its hard to believe the things that are common knowledge about people because of the internet. wtg peg. Denise

sam said...

your right peg. it is an invasion of privacy. but what can we do? if we want to be on the internet we have to answer theri questions don't we? sam

Anonymous said...

Sock it to 'em, Peggy.


Chase Gunnoe said...

Enjoying the variety in your recent blog postings. Keep 'em coming!

- Chase

Peggy~ said...

Thanks, Chase! I'll do that. :)