Saturday, March 19, 2011

Decision Made

The confirmation says: Thursday, March 24, 2011
Flight 1147 (non-stop)
Departing: 5:53 PM
Arriving: 7:43 PM

Yes, the flight is booked! I’m going to visit my friend in Florida.

After a week or more of pacing the floor asking myself and others what to do, the decision has been made. My friend is happy. I’m uneasy. No doubt, I will be until I have arrived safely back home six days after getting there.

I must find a way to relax and enjoy this time with my lifelong friend. She reminded me recently that, since we were teen-agers, we have dreamed about going to the beach together, but it never happened. After we both married young and started our families, there was never a time when it could be done. We’ve waited a whole lifetime for this. We put it aside as something we’d one day get around to doing after our children were grown.

Her husband died. She made me promise I’d come for that visit soon. I promised. Two years have passed with her nudging me to make the arrangements and keep my promise to her. But as I told you yesterday in An ImpossibleDecision I was in a quandary over another promise I'd made many years ago. It has been a difficult decision to make. But, with the help of many friends, it is finally made.

I have many things to do to get ready. I may not be writing much for a few days. Thanks to all my friends out there who helped make the decision.

Once I’m on that plane gazing out the window at the fluffy white clouds, I’m sure to relax. And when I do, I’ll remember all of you and your comments – and I’ll probably feel very foolish for being so afraid to fly.  One can only hope!


Anonymous said...

Way to go peg! don't worry about it. go and have a wonderful time...and tell us all baout it when you get back.

sam said...

Great. I knew you'd make the right decision. Have fun. sam

Jan said...

I'm gld you figured it out peggy. You'll enjoy it and maybe you'll never be afraid to fly again. Hope so. Jan