Friday, December 31, 2010

Aliens On My Tree

About four years ago, after Christmas was over and all my family had gone home, I discovered a new ornament on my tree. I had never seen it before and had no idea how it got there! It puzzled my husband and me so we asked other family members if they knew where it came from, but no one knew. Finally, our son said he saw our son-in-law hanging an ornament on the tree one day, but thought he was just putting one back that had fallen, so he didn’t mention it. When I questioned my daughter later by phone, she vowed she knew nothing about it. And so... the question of the mysterious ornament was put away - along with the tree and its decorations.

However, the next year, when we took the tree down, once again – we found another odd ornament that we’d never seen. And no one knew how it got there! We laughed and put it away as carefully as we did all of our precious ornaments. On the third Christmas, we hung the two unfamiliar ornaments on the tree right along with the others... laughing as we did it, knowing that some member of our family was chuckling each time he or she saw the alien ornaments on the tree.

When we took the tree down on the third year, sure enough, there was a third one! They are always very pretty and unusual ornaments. No dollar store trinkets, these – but nice, large, “special” ornaments!

This year was the fourth Christmas since the ritual began. It's December 31st and my tree still stands in the living room with all its decorations intact, including the odd ornaments from the past three years. Last night, my granddaughter was visiting. She loves the tree and was taking one last close look at it before it comes down when she suddenly asked, “Where did this little skater girl come from?” 

“I have no skater girl.” I said. Then it hit me. I ran over to the tree; got a closer look and there it was... another alien ornament! Very pretty, of course. And unusual. But no less alien. She is ceramic, dressed in a white coat, pink hat with matching socks and gloves, black ice skates and carrying a large wrapped gift with a gold bow on it. She is beautiful!

No point asking. I’m sure no one knows how she came to be on our tree! So I’ll wrap her lovingly in tissue paper and store her away with the others. Next year, she will be hung on our tree in a prominent place. Maybe a handsome skating partner will join her. Secretly, of course.

Read about alien ornament #5.


Janet said...

this is cute. I love the ornament.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing story. I can't wait to find out who is pulling this stunt.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing story. Can't wait to find out who pulled off this stunt.

Janet said...

Adorable ornament and story that goes with it Peg. Sounds like your family has a lot of fun! :)

Lisa Baarns said...

What a fun tradition! Having read a couple posts about the 'alien' ornaments, I find myself thinking of Boo Radley and his carved images of Gem and Scout, left for them to find in the hollow tree.