Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ponderings on a Hot June Day

June 11 – 93°.

The summer’s barely started and already, the heat is unbearable. Furthermore, it is predicted we’re in for a lot more of the same!
It’s no secret to those who know me that I don’t enjoy it. In fact, I hate it!
I hate summer like most people hate wintertime. I’m good for no more than ten minutes outside on a day like this. It saps my energy and when I go back to air conditioning, my sinuses are so messed up, I’m miserable. It’s just no fun!
I’m looking forward to late August when a hint of fall starts moving in.
But to all my summer-lovin’ family and friends, by all means, enjoy!

   My son, Lee, and I had a rather odd conversation the other day. It started with both of us lamenting about how fast time passes. Lee and I can have this conversation because it feels like we’re much closer in age than we are. I was barely 18 when he was born. As my first-born, he matured so quickly, I sometimes wondered if he’d been reincarnated (joking). We can talk about literally anything – and do.
Neither of us understands why it seems that one day, we’re young and enjoying life – the world on a string – and the next, we find ourselves at an age we used to think of as middle-aged – or older! We see gray hair, wrinkles and what’s worse, our health begins to fail in small ways and we find ourselves in doctor’s offices more than we ever thought we would.
“The only social life your dad and I have these days is going to visitations at funeral homes and funerals,” I told him. “We do get the occasional graduation, but these days, more of them are from colleges than high schools.”
“Do you ever wonder what it’s all about?” Lee said. “Just what is our purpose? Life goes by so fast! Much of our time is not enjoyable and sometimes, we have hardships that make it almost unbearable, yet, we soldier on. Why?”
”I suppose that’s the way it’s suppose to be,” he continued. “We live our lives, play the hand we’ve been dealt to the best of our ability, then get old and watch the next generation preparing to take over – and like us, they’re certain they can do it better than we did and sure they have plenty of time ‘cause they’re gonna live forever!”
“Ha! Are they in for a rude awakening!” I said. “It’s such a surprise when, one day you wake up and look in the mirror and see your mother or father staring back at you. Suddenly, your children are grown and you’re buying long-term care insurance and a cemetery plot.”
How depressing!
“I think I’ve figured it out,” I said. “Each generation is responsible for populating the earth with the next generation and teaching them everything we know so they’ll be able to carry on when we’re gone.”
“Whadda’ya’ think?”
“Ultimately, everyone comes to the same end,” Lee said.
“Death!” we said simultaneously.
Laughing, we agreed it was time to change the subject.

I warned you it was an odd conversation. 


Jim Stephens said...

Yes, it was an odd conversation alright, but I think you and Lee got it right. Live, enjoy and die. That's all we really know for sure, isn't it? Food for thought! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good post. Something to think about.

Linda said...

Good as usual Peg. said...

Each time I read one of your stories or poems I'm a little more convinced that you are a very special person. Your depth of understanding about life and its ups and downs is astonishing. I love reading your work. Keep it up.