Saturday, March 21, 2015

Are You Easily Distracted?

Gazette Columnist, Karin Fuller, recently wrote an interesting column about people who are easily distracted. I loved it!
So curious was Karin as to why some people have trouble staying on track that she did some research and learned that there was a study done by the University College London that found those who are easily sidetracked have “too much brain.”
“According to these researchers, those who get distracted have larger than average volumes of gray matter.” This was supposedly based on test scores and MRI results.
Karin wrote that she finds the condition to be extrememly frustrating, as it regularly interfers with her life.
I understand totally.
Mr. H. often says, “Why don’t you finish one thing before you start something else?”
My son chimes in, “Mother, it drives me crazy when we’re talking and you say, ‘Did I tell you the latest about your sister and her husband... hold that thought.’ And off you go to another room, leaving me to wonder if what happened to my sister was good or bad. What’s worse is, when you come back, you start on a whole new subject. It’s exasperating!”
I suppose their complaints are valid.
Just a few days ago, I walked into the kitchen and saw a text message on my phone. I couldn’t quite make it out so I went looking for my glasses, which I often misplace. Ending up in Mr. H’s den, I told him I was looking for my glasses, but had a few other things to discuss with him, so I sat down and talked for about ten minutes before resuming my search. As I passed the bedroom, I gathered a few dirty clothes and took them to the downstairs laundry room. I started a load of laundry, cleaned the cat box, and got meat from the freezer for dinner before going back upstairs.
In the kitchen, I put the meat in the microwave to thaw, then turned around to see the text message still waiting for me to read, but guess what?
I hadn't found my glasses.
When I went back to the den and told Mr. H. what had happened, he started giving me his usual speech, but I promptly ran and got Karin’s column, which I’d saved, and told him to read it. When he’d finished, he said, “Well, I agree with her about one thing. It certainly is maddening living with a person who is so easily distracted!”
I might have tried to plead my case, but I was already on the computer researching “gray matter.”


Jim said...

Hahahahah! So funny Peggy.

Luella said...

Your posts are so entertaining Peggy. I love reading them. Love this one.

Lisa Parks Reed said...

You sound just like me!

Sandie Morris Bills said...

Lol hope you found your glasses, great story! Sounds like me everyday

Susan said...

Excellent story! I think we all do a little of that. Women more than men. Men just don't get it!