Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Golden Afternoons

For some reason, it seems to me that the golden afternoons of September bring a stillness that is not present in any other month of the year.
When I got up this morning and went to my kitchen, I couldn’t believe how quiet it was! The bright sun shining through every window, including the skylight, gave off a golden glow that was warm and inviting, yet there was not a sound to be heard. Even my refrigerator was taking a rest from its usual humming. I didn’t want to disturb the quiet so I stood still – listening. To nothing.
It was wonderful!
I don’t know where this lovely silence comes from; perhaps it’s only because children are back in school and we don’t hear their clamoring throughout neighborhoods and in public places. Whatever the reason, it is quieter.
Combine golden days with refreshing silence and the still colorful, though declining, flower gardens, and you have September days that seem—almost sacred.
Sad that they’ll soon be over!
September Days

Ah, Sweet September! Your
   golden days are waning now;
Tho’ sunny afternoons yet linger
   and blessed stillness abounds –
Warm, gentle breezes that were,
   are suddenly cooler and
darkness arrives earlier than
   before; restful nights casually
 hint that the time is near for
 all to enjoy a pause – a
   a tranquil respite.
Your peerless sister will soon
   enchant us with her
cloudless blue skies and lovely,
   vibrant landscape— 
Ah, Sweet September! Your
   golden days are waning now. 

                 ©2012~Peggy Toney Horton



Greenly said...

A beautiful post Peggy. Love the poem. You are so talented.

Cindy said...


Jeanette said...

Peggy your words stay in my head for hours after reading them. They almost hypnotize me. Beautiful!

Drema Ward said...

So beautiful