Monday, July 1, 2013

After the Last Firecracker Pops

 It’s July 1st.

Know what that means?
Exactly six months from today, we’ll be celebrating New Year’s Day, 2014! Think about how quickly the past six months have passed. If the next six pass that fast, we’re almost there!
Okay. Go ahead and laugh. But, in a very short while, you’ll be agreeing with me.
I’m tellin’ you: After the Fourth of July, which is only three days away, the stores will start reflecting: School Clothes, Fall, Halloween and Pumpkins. And once these reminders are in the stores, it’s hard not to take them seriously.
Mark my words, as soon as the last firecracker pops this Thursday evening, it’s all over! You’ll still swim, picnic and perhaps go to the beach, but for all practical purposes, we’re speeding toward fall, colored leaves and another school year.
Enjoy the moment while you can. Too soon it will be just another memory!



Janet said...

I know you're right Peggy, but I'm not ready to think about it! Nice reminder about how fast time flies though. Thanx!

Jim said...

Your right. It goes so fast we don't have time to enjoy one season before another one starts.

Claire Swenson said...

Dang you're a Peggy Downer! LOL

Drema Ward said...

You are so right Peggy.