Monday, August 6, 2012

What About Sue?

We lost another relative. Our family is getting smaller. John was not a “blood” relative, but he’s been in the family for many years.

After a while, you forget. That “blood thing” becomes less important.

His wife, Sue, is my cousin. We played together as children.

We’re told we should celebrate when someone passes—that he is in a better place. I find it hard to celebrate when my heart is aching. I know John is in a better place, but what about Sue? John has been by her side for more than half a century?

Death is cruel!

It breaks hearts.

And leaves hurting people alone.

What will Sue do... without John?



Sheila said...

Sorry for your family's loss peggy.

Anonymous said...

So Sorry! ♥

sam said...

sorry peg.... sam

Jim said...

My prayers for Sue and the rest of your family Peggy. Jim

Anonymous said...

Yes, death is cruel, but necessary. From the moment we are born that's where we are heading... our final destination!
My conlolences to you and your family peg.

Pat said...

Prayers for you and your family peggy.