Saturday, December 10, 2011

Admit You Need Help Now!

Alcohol destroys!  It not only destroys the person who drinks, but also the people who care for that person – family, friends and acquaintances.

If you think you may have a problem with alcohol, here are a few questions to ask yourself. If any of these apply to you, you need to start treating your alcohol problem today…

1.      When you drink alcohol, does it cause problems?
2.      Are you always looking for more alcohol once you’ve exceeded your limit?
3.      Have you tried quitting before?
4.      Do you hide alcohol around the house?
5.      When you get drunk, do you pass out and later forget what you’ve done?
6.      When you’re drinking, does your personality change?
7.      When you’re drunk, do you become angry with other people?
8.      Do you often start arguments with family and friends when you’ve been drinking?
9.      When you’re in a sad mood or alone, do you always look for the bottle?
10.  Does your health suffer from drinking too much alcohol?
11.  Have you ever wondered if your life would change for the better if you stopped drinking?

If you can be honest with yourself and admit that three or more of these points apply to you, then you need medical help!

Most of us have had experience with heavy drinkers. No matter how much patience we have, it finally grows thin and we either have to tell the person how we honestly feel or distance ourselves from him/her. It’s a matter of self-preservation. Drinkers often do and say cruel, hurtful things that we never forget. And the worst part is, they almost always find a way to blame their problems on someone else. Until they come to terms with their problem and do something about it, they will always be in danger of an early demise from the effects of alcohol—and even worse, they will undoubtedly end up alone!


James said...

How right you are peggy. We all know a person who drinks too much and they can be very destructive to themselves and others. Thanks for putting this out there. Hope it helps someone. James

Anonymous said...

Great post peg. thanks.

sam said...

good time to call attention to this peg.. at holiday time when some people drink more than ever. good post. sam

Drema said...

Speaking as a recorving alcoholic, the words you wrote are so very true. Admitting that you need help has to come from within no one can do it for you. If anyone reading this needs help PLEASE seek it. My life for the past 22 years have been the best I ever had, and I was 48 years old when I sought the blessed help. My worse days now can't compare to those days. Thank you God for not letting me go.