Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A December Graduation

A little more than four years ago when my husband and I attended our grandson’s high school graduation, I promised him we'd be there in four years to watch him walk across the stage and accept his college diploma.

When I made that promise, there was no way I could foresee that he’d be graduating with the fall class and his graduation ceremony would occur only one week before Christmas. At that time, I imagined a spring ceremony: warm weather, blooming trees, daffodils, the scent of lilacs floating on the breeze. No pressure – just a wonderful trip to North Carolina for a leisurely visit with family and a side trip to attend the graduation.

But those four years passed like a dream and that special occasion is taking place this coming Saturday, December 17th. I really hate long car trips anytime, but doubly so in December! However, some things you do - like it or not.  And so... we are preparing to make the trip on Friday, and praying for good weather.

It'll be a quick trip. Like many people, we're rushing to get everything done in time for the big day, so we plan on returning Sunday. That'll be a lot of hours in the car, in a short time, for two "older" people and we'll no doubt be exhausted. But we’ll do it. Why? Because there’s no way we could “not” do it.

A promise is a promise. Especially to a grandchild!


Jeanette said...

Bad time to go but nice thing to do for your grnadson peg. Have a nice trip. Jeanette

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip!

luella said...

No you can't break a promise to a grandchild. they never let you forget it.

sam said...

go and enjoy the trip peg. it'll be fun and your grandson will never forget it. sam

Drema said...

It is wonderful that you and Kemp, are able to make the trip. Ralph and I made several to PA for graduations and weddings, but now he could not. So enjoy and we are happy for you. God's travel mercies so with you.

Peggy~ said...

Thanks so much, Drema! I don't like to travel but will feel better knowing we'll be in your prayers.