Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yes, I Love Snow

While most of my friends and relatives are cursing the snow, I’m enjoying it immensely, and I’m not very popular when I say so. Everyone thinks I’m crazy and reminds me that it’s easy to love snow when you don’t have to get out in it every day! I concede that, but even when I did, I still loved it!

Some years ago, we had one of the largest snowfalls in recent history. I was working at the time in real estate. I loved my job... and the wintertime! I was driving an Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight, and so was a co-worker and friend. There was no place the two of us couldn’t go! We’d don our heaviest coats, warmest gloves and tallest boots and jump into one of our cars and off we’d go to find any piece of property that needed to be inspected or shown. While many people were abandoning their cars, Jan and I just kept right on going like two energizer bunnies! We had a lot of fun that winter!

One experience in particular comes to mind. It was a Saturday morning when Jan called. We had about ten inches of snow on the ground and the temperature was in the low teens. “Hey,” Jan said. “Mr. Hutchins called and wants to see the property on Grover Dr. I’m going to meet him there. Do you want to come with me?”

I thought about it for a minute, shivered a little thinking about the cold and then said, “Sure; might be fun.” Jan said, “Great! Pick you up in thirty minutes.”

I dressed for the weather: long johns, pants, flannel shirt, jacket, ear muffs, gloves and my tallest black boots with heavy socks underneath! I could barely move. Jan was right on time and off we went... two women giggling like schoolgirls at what we were about to do.

To reach Grover Dr. you had to drive up a steep road all the way to the top of the hill, then park your car and walk to the edge of the property. Overlooking the Interstate, it was quite pretty in the spring and summer, but now, standing there, looking down into the snow-covered ravine that was the acreage we hoped to sell, I felt a little apprehensive about actually going down there and walking around on the property. I secretly hoped that looking down at it would be enough for Mr. Hutchins. But it wasn’t.

Mr. Hutchins was a young man – forty-something – I’d guess, and was not at all daunted by the prospect of jumping over the edge of the road to explore the nearly vertical property. I couldn’t help but wonder why he wanted to, since it was impossible to see the lay of the land while it was covered with snow banks and fallen tree branches. To me, it made much more sense to wait until spring. However, the man wanted to walk the property today and that’s exactly what we did!

Once over the edge, we plunged into deeper snow than we had anticipated. I immediately felt a rush of the cold stuff inside one of my boots. Wet socks! I descended into a snow bank once that extended past my knees and couldn’t move for a few seconds. Jan seemed to be having problems, too. It was a little scary, but we persisted... up and down, tripping and falling at times, but laughing all the while. We must have walked for more than an hour. It seemed longer! I won’t deny that I felt relief when we finally made our way back to the top of the hill and civilization!

After saying our “thank-yous” and “good-byes” to the prospective buyer, Jan and I went to a local restaurant and enjoyed coffee and laughs about yet another shared real-estate experience. This was just one of many. It was a fun time in my life!

Mr. Hutchins didn’t make a decision that day, but ultimately bought the property, had a proper access road constructed and built beautiful apartments.  
Every time I drive past the area on the Interstate, I look up and smile as I remember the unusual day Jan and I shared on that Saturday long ago when we stumbled around those snow-covered hills so eager to make a sale.


jimbob said...

Sounds like a fun way to spend a Saturday peggy. Good story.

Anonymous said...

I hate snow. don't know how anyone could like it. it's cold and wet and messy. and you can't go anywhere. I like summer best.

Anonymous said...

that man must have been crazy. who would go out to look at propety like that in 10inches of snow.

Anonymous said...

I remember that day and it was so much fun. We never had a dull moment when we were working real estate together. Such wonderful memories. Hope you write about more of them.