Thursday, January 27, 2011

Five More Days

With only five days of January left, I can hear the screams of delight for miles around.  January is a terrible month for almost everyone: the excitement of the holidays gone, the weather dreary, and nothing exciting to do. Of course this year, it’s been a little worse than dreary. We’ve had a lot of snow! More than most people want. I just happen to be a little “different,” because I like it. But I won’t elaborate for fear of being called names that I’d rather not hear.

At least it’s not so dark when it snows. Sometimes the gloomy days affect me in a negative way. This afternoon, I was visited by the vivid memory of a family funeral long ago at the end of January. It had been dreary the whole month and snowed a lot - like this year. On the day of the funeral, I clearly remember passing huge piles of dirty snow along the sides of the road as the long, black, salt-stained limousine carried our family slowly toward the cemetery.

It’s odd the things the mind retains at stressful times. When we got out of the car at the cemetery, I watched as people carried dozens of beautiful flowers inside. I thought, “Those can’t be real! Flowers don’t grow in January!” It was almost like a dream - a depressing scene that will live in my memory forever. And keep repeating on dark days...

If I could choose, I’d opt to die in the beautiful, sunny month of October. 

 But not this October! 

Photograph by Ron Jones~ 


kelli said...

you do seem to think about bad things on dark days. I watch tv all day and sleep on days like that.

sam said...

you'll never die peg. your beautiful words will live forever. sam

Peggy~ said...

What a sweet thing to say, Sam! Thank you!