Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Walk in the Rain

Once, when I was unusually stressed, my doctor said, “Peggy, do you ever take an early morning walk in the rain?” Rolling my eyes and scanning my memory, I said, “I used to – a long time ago.”
“Try it again,” he said. “It’ll do wonders for you.”
When I went out this morning to run an errand, the skies were gray and rain was falling softly. As I drove along, almost hypnotized by the windshield wipers, I thought about what the doc had said long-ago and about the walks in the rain that I had let go of so easily.  
Life got in the way of simple pleasures like that one.
Pulling over to the curb, I parked, rolled my window down and breathed deeply. The sweet fragrance of the morning rain brought back many memories and I knew instantly I had to take one of those walks I’d dismissed as something I didn’t have time for years ago.
Out of the car, I was at once a child again! I sauntered right through a couple of puddles, ignoring the fact that my feet were getting soaked and I closed my umbrella for a few minutes, looked upward and let the rain pepper my face.
It was wonderful!
By the time I got home, it was clearing and the sun was trying to peep through the clouds. I was almost disappointed!
As I put my purchases away, I smiled  – feeling like I had a beautiful secret!


Ben J. Rourke said...

Oh, Peggy, this is wonderful! Such emotion! You are so good with expressing that.
I love it!

Janet said...

Love this, Peggy!

Claire Swenson said...

You're beautiful my friend.

Karen Frazier said...

Next time call me. I'll jump in the puddles with you!!

Peggy~ said...

Will do. I could use a puddle-jumping buddy!