Thursday, May 12, 2016

You Thought Wrong

It was always a love-hate relationship. Burning hot or icy cold. Nothing in between. You came. You saw. You conquered. (You thought!). But she was always wise to your shenanigans; you didn’t fool her.

Oh, she loved you all right. From the moment she first saw you. When you smiled that movie star smile and winked at her – she was yours. But when she discovered how you played the game, she changed her game-plan, too.

There was no honesty in the relationship. You were too afraid of being hurt.

Hold back, you told yourself. Don’t give everything you have. Let her act first. If anyone is hurt, it should be her – not you! After all, with your charm and good looks, you won’t have any trouble getting another girl to fall for you just the way she did. It’ll be easy.

But what you didn’t count on was her heart hardening toward you and yours softening toward her. You didn’t expect the tables to turn. It seems the longer you withheld your true feelings, the less she needed them--and finally, she didn’t even want them! Or you.

You always thought you were the heartbreaker. How shocking it was to find that your heart is breakable, too.

Hurts, doesn’t it?


Dennis J. said...

Wow! I know relationships like this. Interesting..

Janet said...

Nice Peg...

Sam said...

That does happen sometimes. Some people have to learn the hard way. Good post as always.

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