Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Kindle Countdown Deal

Amazon just keeps coming up with great ideas. The Kindle Countdown Deal is the latest and I'm trying it out this weekend. It gives readers a chance to read a book they may have been wanting to read, for a small amount of money. 
Check out the Kindle Countdown Deal for the e-book my Aunt Betty and I coauthored: Unseen Angels. It's only $.99 for the next 20 hours:  If you miss the lowest price of $.99, the next one will be only $1.99. This will be in effect for twenty-four hours before the book reverts to the original list price.



Daryl said...

Great idea Peg. Good luck with your sales.

Penny said...

I don't have a Kindle so I can't buy it but I hope you sell lots of copies.