Monday, October 29, 2012

Men Are Different

Today was one of those days I try not to hate, but can’t help myself. There was not even a hint of sunshine all day long. It was necessary to have lights on in every room.

I kept trying to put into practice what my favorite doctor used to suggest.
When I’d tell him how a dreary day depresses me, he’d say, “Spend the day doing what you like to do; read, write, sleep, watch TV, and listen to your favorite music. Make no demands on yourself.”

“Just be!”

I loved the idea, but when I tried it, I always got sidetracked and started doing something else.

“You get distracted easier than anyone I’ve ever known,” said Mr. H.

I admit it. I do get distracted easily. As appealing as it sounds, it’s difficult for me to “just be.” There has to be a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day or I feel worthless and unhappy.

Men are different. Mr. H. couldn’t get distracted if he tried. His day doesn’t even begin until he's worked all of the crossword puzzles in the newspaper after breakfast each day. Nothing takes precedence over these! And in the evening, from right after dinner until bedtime, it’s non-stop TV! The only time I can talk to him is during commercials.

And a dark day like this one? Doesn’t bother him a bit! It’s just another day.

Let’s face it. Men don’t sweat the small stuff like women do. If I believed in reincarnation (which I don’t), I’d definitely want to come back as a man the next time. I think they hold exclusive rights to the ability to “Just be.”

Makes sense. The doctor who made the suggestion is a man!


Carrie said...

It does make sense peggy. Men just don't get it do they? They don't have to feel that sense of accomplishment. I know exactly what you mean. I'm the same way. No just being for me either.

Jen said...

I like an occasional dark day. It's relaxing. Good post!

Anonymous said...

I like your title. Men are different that's for sure! I get depressed on dark days to.

Julie said...

Cute peg. I hate the dark days to. But I can do nothing. I guess I'm a little lazy and it gives me an excuse. Enjoyed this one.

sam said...

good post peg. I remember that you hate dark days. sunshine tomorrow. i ordered it just for you. sam

Claire Swenson said...

I don't like dreary days either and unfortunately November is our dreariest month and it's just around the corner. Maybe "accomplishment" needs a new definition. Maybe at the end of the day you could look back it and say that you did accomplish just sitting back and enjoy the things that you do.