Monday, February 6, 2012

What Will You Do In Heaven?

Preparing dinner was particularly difficult for me this evening. I don’t especially like to cook, and it seems I have more than my share of bad days in the kitchen! I burn my fingers, make unnecessary messes, overcook things, and have trouble getting everything ready at the same time. You know. I’m sure it happens to everyone at one time or another.

When it was finally time to sit down and eat, I was feeling a little irritable and said to Mr. H., “When I get to Heaven, I hope they don’t put me on “kitchen duty.” He laughed, and said, “I don’t think we’ll be needing food in Heaven, so you shouldn’t have to worry.”

“Oh, good!” I answered. “That means no grocery shopping either! I hope I get to do something I love.”

 “I’m sure each person will be allowed to do the things he or she loves,” he said, going along with my foolishness. 

“That’s wonderful,” I said, “I love to read, but if I know everything after I die, there won’t be any reason to read, will there? And how will I write the stories I love to write?”

Smiling, Mr. H. said, “Uh-Oh! There will be no computers in Heaven.” 

“Hmmmm... how will people get along without computers?”

He shrugged.

Thinking a minute, I said, “I know! I love music. I’ll just sit around in Heaven all day listening to music. What could be better than that?” I was pleased with myself until it struck me...

“But what will you do?” I said.

In his easy way, he smiled and said, “Oh, I don’t know. I’m sure there’ll be something for me to do.”

And then I remembered something this man loves – little babies. Tiny infants just home from the hospital! He held and cuddled and rocked our five, and then he did the same when our grandchildren came along. He never tired of it.

“I’ve got it!” I told him. “Rocking sweet little babies would be the perfect job for you throughout eternity!”

He smiled, and my frivolous dinner conversation was over, leaving me in a much better mood.

I wonder... How is it possible for things that start out so bad to end up so great?



Nikki said...

OH PEG this is so cute! What an adorable conversation you and your husband had. I love this post.

Jim said...

great post peg as always. I enjoyed it. Jim

sam said...

so good peg. I think we might get to eat in heaven. sam

Anonymous said...

Great post peggy. you're such a good story teller. Don't ever stop.

Drema said...

Enjoy those conversations you and Kemp have, Ralph can't communicate anymore, he get his words all mixed up but I still try to understand what he is trying to say, and most of it I just know what is being said, I have become a his mind for him in most cases. Keep us in your prayers.

luella said...

Very sweet that you and your husband can talk like this. I love it! luella