Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Alien Ornament 2015

Some of my Facebook friends have been asking if I found a surprise on my tree this year. Sorry I took so long to answer but we just got around to taking our tree down today and yes, we found the usual odd ornament that we didn’t hang when we decorated the tree.
In case you aren’t familiar with this alien ornament story, here’s an explanation: a member of our family has seen fit to secretly gift Mr. H. and me with a new, unusual ornament every year for the past nine years. We never discover this new ornament until we dismantle the tree. The first year it happened, we asked every member of our family, but nobody knew how the alien ornament came to be hanging on our tree. It was a puzzle!
I gave up. I don’t ask anymore. We just enjoy the thrill of discovering the surprise each year.
And I must say, this year’s bequest absolutely has to be the most unusual one yet! It’s a cute little squirrel with a big bushy tail, wearing a red skirt. She’s larger than she looks in the picture and can stand alone. Very cute! The picture doesn’t do her justice.
I have no idea where our donor finds such unusual ornaments, but I will say he or she has given us a lot of pleasure over the past nine years. This year, I wrapped each of the ornaments carefully in tissue paper and placed them in a box of their own. I labeled the box, “Alien Ornaments – 2007 – 2015.” That way, if Mr. H. and I should not be here to decorate a tree on some future Christmas, our children will be able to distinguish the alien ornaments from the ones we’ve always had on the tree.
Perhaps at that time, the person or persons who have been giving them to us, will claim them and give them a home on their tree.
I hope so.


Maria said...

I couldn't wait to hear about this year's alien ornament. It's such a cute idea. I'm sure it makes you and Mr. H. Happy. :)

Sandra P. said...

Love it! It's nice the way you give us links to other alien ornaments.

Dennis J. said...

Very entertaining Peggy. Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

How nice of your family to do this for nine years! Somebody loves to make others happy and you and Mr. H. are the lucky recipients. Enjoy.