Saturday, May 24, 2014

Catching Up

 Haven’t been blogging for a while.
Too many things happening in my life:
We went to North Carolina in mid-May for a very special occasion... to watch proudly as our granddaughter graduated from The University of North Carolina, Charlotte. The university is quite impressive! It has 17 campuses that extend from the state’s mountains to the coast. Each year, they graduate more than 30,000 students from over 200 academic degree programs.
These days, we tend to think our children aren’t as interested in getting an education as former generations were, but this proves that, at least in one state, many are still going to college and earning degrees that prepare them to be good leaders, creators, and researchers – thus enabling them to give something back to the communities from whence they came.
This is encouraging, especially since many people have no faith in our youth today.
Mr. H. and I were sick for two weeks or more. Actually, it started before the trip, but we were committed and there was no getting out of going. The strength comes from somewhere when faced with things you must do.
At any rate, we saw our doctor when we returned and it turns out it was allergies – a really bad case! You see, Mr. H. raked moldy leaves and grass a few days before the trip and somehow managed to carry the allergens inside to share with me. Wasn’t that nice of him? 
The doctor loaded us up with prescription strength Allegra, antibiotics, and strict orders about drinking lots of water, etc.  But it was still another week before we started feeling close to normal again. It was a toss-up as to which of us coughed and sneezed and moaned and complained the most!
Nasty stuff!
We’re better now, but I did hear Mr. H. having a series of about ten sneezes in succession this morning before I got up. He thinks it’s the ink in the newspaper. I think it’s the air we breathe!
Just like we had no idea what was in our water back in January, we have no idea what we’re breathing either. We’re sitting ducks and perhaps lab rats for the area chemical companies.
Oh, well. I’ll save all that for another day. Right now, I have to visit a cemetery and pay my respects to some who dealt with these issues long before I was even aware of them.
Have a nice weekend!


Drema Ward said...

Been thinking of you two and hoping all was well, but reading your blog, it seems as if everyone is affected by these little spores traveling in the air. Nothing to do about it but wipe noses and waterery eyes. Hope you are better ral soon.

Dennis J. said...

Yes, Peggy, I know about UNC. You're right, it's very impressive. Sorry you and Mr. H. aren't well. Get better soon.

Janet said...

Oh, the sneezing and runny nose. It's awful. Sorry your dealing with it. Hope you get over it fast.