Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Bat Dance

My daughter phoned this evening to tell me about something unusual that happened to her. Last May, her children bought her a beautiful blooming plant in a hanging basket for Mother’s Day. Although she admits she doesn’t have a green thumb, she babied that plant all summer long. It hung on her porch right in the hot sun and probably would have “fried” had it been my plant – or anyone else’s, for that matter. It was her love and attention and sheer determination that made it live and flourish throughout the long, hot summer and into November.

This evening, as she patted herself on the back for keeping a blooming plant looking beautiful for so long, she decided it needed water. But when she reached up to water the plant, she got the biggest surprise of her life.

A bat flew out of it!

It was enough that its sudden movement almost caused her heart failure, but it didn’t just fly out of the pot and into the night... it flew right into her thick, curly hair! She said she was sure she entertained her neighbors as she danced around on her front porch screaming and flipping at her head with both hands, while trying not to lose her pajama pants that were a size too large.

Thankfully, the bat – not her pants – finally fell to the floor of the porch, seemed stunned for a few seconds, then flew under an awning and that’s the last place she saw the repulsive creature!

“I want it out of here!” She told me. “It can’t stay under my awning. What should I do?”

I was laughing so hard just imagining her little dance on the front porch that I undoubtedly said the wrong thing – trying to tease her.

“It probably won’t go anywhere.” I said. “It most likely has a couple of babies still in the flower pot.”

Now she’s very upset and won’t believe I was joking.

How do I fix it?


Debra said...

I think the damage is done Peggy. Don't think you can fix it. Funny story. Hope she gets rid of the bat. I wouldn't want one around me either.

Penny said...

I would have died when that thing got in my hair. I'm surprised she took it so well. Penny

Jon said...

Other than the fact that they carry diseases I don't think bats will hurt you. Some people handle them. Interesting post. Hope she gets rid of her guest.

Ben said...

This is very funny. I can imagine your daughter screaming and dancing around trying to get the bat out of her hair. What a "hair-o-ing" story! Ben

luella said...

Just missed Halloween. Funny!

Mud Hut Mama said...

You had me laughing out loud. I know bats are great to have around your home because they reduce the amount of annoying insects but I sure wouldn't want one in my hair. Sorry your daughter didn't appreciate your humor! Here from Write on Edge.

Peggy~ said...

Thanks Mud Hut Mama! I took a look at your site and was blown away. What an interesting life you and your family must lead! Your daughters are getting an education unequaled by merely going to school. Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Mosquitos and other such like to center themselves in watered plants like that since it's dry everywhere else. A little bug spray will rid the plant of such visitors and the bat will look elsewhere for lunch (maybe).