Monday, July 6, 2015

Letter from Arianne

Dear Peggy, 

As my eyes lift the words from the pages of your book, and my heart receives them – I feel I know you well.  My spirit resonates from your words, the very things that I love.
Oh, to be capable of doing what you do!  It is a unique gift to be able to put words down that appear so casual and effortless, yet are filled with life. All my senses come alive as I read them. Truly it is a gift from God!
There is a song that’s been around for a while called, “The Beauty of Simplicity.” I think it describes so well what I feel when I read your words!  I find myself getting greedy and wanting to keep reading because of the mood they put me in, but I savor what I have at the moment and make myself stop so that I may have more for tomorrow.
“Somewhere in Heaven” -- Page 16... “Climbing the mountains, picking blackberries, roasting potatoes over an open fire on the creek bank.”
Your words are magic!
I can smell the fresh, cool evening air and would do those things in a heartbeat. Each year, when summer surrenders to fall, I long to go north even after thirty-some years in Florida. How I miss October! It is also my favorite month – for every single reason you mentioned – and more.
Thank you for sharing your gift. It is a pleasure and a comfort to read your books! 

You are a treasure,




Linda said...

Wow! Every writer should receive a letter like this from a fan! Not only is it beautiful and very complimentary to your writing, but it is also beautifully written. Arianne should be a writer herself!

Peggy~ said...

I agree, Linda! She is very talented!

Elizabeth A. said...

What a lovely letter. I'm sure you'll treasure it forever, Peggy... and you should. Anyone who receives such praise must deserve it. Enjoy!